Rafting white



For adventure-seekers wanting an adrenalin pumping experience, a Tara rafting adventure offers a completely unique perspective on your destination. It allows you to be totally immersed in your surroundings, listening to the calls of the wild reverberating around as you journey down legendary waterways.  Explore “Tear of Europe”, Europe´s longest canyon. This spectacular canyon is about 80 km long and more than 1300 meters deep, and is a UNESCO world heritage site.

2 days
From: 230 €
per person
76 km raft with two overnight stays
2 days
From: 110 €
per person
Two overnight stays
day and a half
From: 85 €
per person
Rafting adventure with overnight stay
approx. 7 hours
From: 60 €
per person
With breakfast and lunch
approx. 4 hours
From: 140 €
per person
One day rafting adventure
2.30-3 hours
From: 75 €
per person
One day rafting with lunch

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