ATV – MAJSTORI, LOVĆENATV adventures in Lovćen National Park


Ivanova korita




1 hour


20 pax


100 €
per atv



General info 

Quad Tours in Lovćen National Park

Off-road tours in Montenegro are very popular as a great way to let go of your inhibitions and explore some of the most popular landscapes in Montenegro. All of our quad (ATV) tours in Montenegro are suitable for everyone and are accompanied by experienced guides. 

ATV tours include single or double passenger vehicles with the second passenger sitting behind the driver. To rent an ATV, can be a fun and exciting way to explore the great outdoors. 

Explore Montenegro's most-visited national park -  Lovćen. The park covers the top part of Lovćen Mountain at an altitude of 1749mnv and is one of the most biodiverse places in Montenegro with over 2000 plant species growing here.

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100€ per ATV

  • Two people can fit on one ATV
  • 70€ for single use (please add a note)

Overview of the tour 


  • Starting from Ivanova Korita a 5 km road takes us through vivid mountain landscapes and picturesque villages with their rich history
  • The tour takes you to village Majstori located at an altitude of 1211 m above sea level, the highest inhabited village in the former country of Montenegro
  • In Majstori village you will learn about the single remaining brotherhood Kustudići, their rich history and monuments telling about fight for freedom
  • The whole tour is 10 km long



Best from Lovćen quad tours:

  • Beautiful views
  • Adrenaline adventure
  • Mountain landscapes
  • Lovćen National Park
  • Historical monuments in village Majstori


  • Driving license (B category) is essential for drivers
  • Minimum age: Drivers 18 years, Passengers 16 years

What is included 

  • ATV
  • Fuel
  • Helmets
  • English-speaking guides
  • Instructions and guidance
  • Protective overcoats for dust and rain

What is not included 

  • Protective trousers, closed shoes, windproof jackets, gloves (for cold weather)
  • Food and drink (your own drinks and snacks can be stored on the ATV's)
  • Change of clothes for after the tour (recommended)
  • Transfers to the meeting point (can be arranged upon request – please add an additional note when booking or contact us via
  • Insurance
  • Cancelation policy: 50% if the service is canceled 7-15 days prior to the start; 100% if canceled 7 or less days before the day of service

Photo Gallery 

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