ŠKURDA CANYONINGCanyoning in Kotor




between 8 – 9am


approx. 7 hours




140 €
per person



General info 

Canyoning is an outdoor adventure sport in which you follow a natural water course of rivers.  For descents we use a variety of techniques that may include activities such as walking, jumping, abseiling, caving, sliding down natural slopes, and swimming in water.  

Canyon Škurda is located just north of the town of Kotor. The canyon is surrounded by impressive cliffs and stone city walls, dating back to the Austro-Hungarian era descending all the way from Mount Lovćen to the San Giovanni fortress above Kotor Old Town.




140 € per person


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Overview of the tour 

  • Approach the starting point of the canyon, leading along the north edge of San Giovanni, along the serpentine pathways to reveal a magnificent panorama of the butterfly-shaped Boka Bay.
  • Continuing along narrow tracks and an ascent along the river leads us to the canyon entrance, where we begin our adventure. The canyon is adorned with a number of pools and as many as 26 waterfalls, spanning from a 3-42m drop!
    The Škurda River runs almost perfectly vertically down into the Bay of Kotor and has carved an intricate channel with smooth, striated rock faces on three sides, and sometimes four as the canyon becomes a vertical tunnel at some points.
  • Your guides are equipped with ropes and the appropriate gear, so that abseiling, swimming, jumping and experiencing of this unique environment can begin.
  • You will explore the way Škurda river was created over millions of years, enjoy breathtaking views, expose yourself to the rugged terrain, feel distant from civilization and yet you will exit the canyon almost directly in the old town of Kotor!



  • Stunning panoramas
  • Waterfalls and natural splash pools
  • Professional canyoning equipment


  • All participants are equipped with neoprene waterproof short suits and socks, helmets and belts
  • Participants must wear their own appropriate footwear

What is included 

  • Experienced, English-speaking guide
  • Professional equipment
  • Energy drink and snack
  • Photos from the tour

What is not included 

  • Food
  • Shoes and dry clothing
  • Insurance
  • Transfers to the meeting point (can be arranged upon request – please add additional note when booking or contact us via info@balkanadventure.me)

Photo Gallery 

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