E-BIKING DURMITOR – 4 LAKESE-biking to Black, Zminje, Barno and Jablan lake






3-4 hours




60 €
per person



General info 

Durmitor National Park offers breathtaking viewpoints and villages that exude tradition and hospitality. Along the e-biking Durmutor tour, you will enjoy a ride through the pine forest, visit the beautiful Black and Zminje lakes, the breathtaking viewpoints of the Durmitor massif.

Most part of this mountain biking tour is single trail, and it is perfect for adventurous bikers who like mountain trails. From  Black, Zminje, to Barno and Jablan lake, this tour will mesmerize you with silence and the greenery of wild nature. All 4 lakes are different but unique.

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Overview of the tour 



  • Our first break will be Ćurevac – a popular lookout point on the edge of Tara river canyon, from where we will have a beautiful view over the Sušica canyon
    Sušica Canyon is connected with Dolina Škrčkih jezera (Škrka Lakes Valley), another pearl of Durmitor National Park
    In the past, after glacial erosions, the water of Sušica river created Sušičko Jezero (Sušica Lake), the glacier which was moved through the Sušica Canyon was 10 km long
  • After we rest on the mountain benches, we continue to climb up through the forest road to Štuoc. The mountain Štuoc consists of Mali Štuoc and Veliki Štuoc, through which the mountain road passes.
  • Break at Zminje Lake - hidden in the depths of the forest, surrounded by conifers and cliffs in the background. Zminje lake (Snakes lake) is located at 1250m above sea level, and is surrounded by pine trees which makes it kind of isolated
  • Crno Lake (Black Lake) -  the largest and most famous lake in this area. The Black Lake is actually made up of two smaller lakes, Big Lake (Veliko Jezero) and Small Lake (Malo Jezero), but when the lake level rises in autumn, it becomes one lake. In summer the level drops and you can walk the path between the two lakes
  • Back to meeting point


  • Exploring hidden trails of Durmitor mountain and its surrounding
  • Ćurevac viewpoint
  • Beautiful lakes
  • Magnificent mountain landscapes
  • High-quality E-bikes
  • Durmitor National Park 
  • Forest trails


  • Beginners, intermediates, and pros – trails for all categories
  • Distance: 25.8km
  • Lowest point: 1419m
  • Highest point: 1767m
  • Total ascent: 700m
  • In case of bad weather conditions, the tour can be delayed or refunded

What is included 

  • English-speaking biking guide
  • Additional equipment - helmets

What is not included 

  • Transfers to the meeting point (can be arranged, please contact us)

Photo Gallery 

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