JEEP SAFARI – DURMITOR RINGJeep tours - Durmitor National Park




flexible, AM


approx. 4 hours


up to 4 per vehicle


160 €
per vehicle



General info 

Jeep tour 'Durmitor ring'


The Safari Tour “Durmitor Ring” is one of the most impressive and popular routes in Montenegro.

The Durmitor ring is a 85km long circular road around Durmitor mountain. The route takes you through picturesque mountain villages, where you can taste and buy eco domestic products from friendly locals.

A ride around the Durmitor ring is the easiest way to see all the variety of Durmitor National Park – from mountain scenery, deep canyons, peaks, pastures, rivers, streams, forests and wildlife!


  • 160€ for vehicle with 2 people
  • 185€ for vehicle with 3 or 4 people


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Overview of the tour 



  • The tour starts from Žabljak.
  • Onward to Momčilov Grad, our first stop, a former ski slope and great viewpoint over Žabljak and Durmitor.
  • We move on to Veliki Štuoc, the first passage and the highest point on our journey, overlooking the Tara Canyon, the deepest canyon in Europe.
  • We take a stop in Mala Crna Gora (Little Montenegro), a remote village located on the edge of the Sušica Canyon. The village is otherwise inaccessible during the winter due to heavy snow.
  • A special phenomenon of this tour is the Sušica river, which flows mostly underground! The Sušica lake, at the base of the canyon, is filled with water during winter and dries up to form a picturesque valley in summer.
  • A journey through the beautiful pine forest leads us to Nedajno and Trsa where we take a break (lunch is optional).
  • The peaks of Prutaš and Sedlo can be observed for their unique vertical rock surface and deep valleys, while the peak Savin Kuk can be accessed via a panoramic chair-lift to the top.
  • Back to starting point in Žabljak.


  • Beautiful views
  • Mountain passages
  • Canyons
  • Lakes
  • Villages and local products


  • In case of bad weather conditions, the tour can be delayed or canceled. In the case of cancellation, you will be offered another date with proper weather conditions.
  • Tour suitable for all ages

What is included 

  • Vehicle and driver
  • Guided tour

What is not included 

  • Insurance
  • Lunch
  • Each guest must purchase a €3 ticket for entry to the Durmitor National Park
  • Transfers to the meeting point (can be arranged upon request – please add additional note when booking or contact us via

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