Scuba diving and snorkeling tourDiscover the Montenegrin underwater world




9 am


approx. 10 hours


max. 8 people


230 €
per person



General info 

This is a beginner friendly dive site in which you can participate as an OWD (Open Water Diver) certified diver.

Scuba diving is a type of underwater diving whereby divers use breathing equipment that is completely independent of a surface air supply. Scuba divers carry their own source of breathing gas, usually compressed air, affording them greater independence and movement than surface-supplied divers, and more time underwater than free divers.

A PADI staff instructor, license number #971432, will accompany you on this OWD experience.

On this tour you'll get to dive or go snorkeling in one of the most famous and beautiful sites in Montenegro!


230€ per person for Scuba clients

150€ for Snorkeling clients

Scuba Diving Montenegro

Overview of the tour 

  • Meeting in Budva, in front of hotel Mediteran.
  • We do some short paperwork, gear up and load the boat.
  • It's time to start the adventure!
  • The first scuba dive is at Poseidon cave which is 45 minutes away from the meeting point. Maximum depth is only 14m and the dive is going to last around 40 minutes.
  • After a 40 minutes long dive it's time for a drink refreshment and the first seabob snorkeling session at the famous Blue Cave.
  • After 2 hours it's time for our second scuba dive at the Shipwreck Patrol Boat located in Cove of Žanjic. Water visibility ranges from 15 - 25 m with no presence of sea currents. This beautiful wreck is a beginner friendly experience suitable for OWD Certified divers.
  • We are heading to the Rt Veslo, anchoring the boats and having a lunch.
  • Our last stop is at Twin Caves approximately at 5 PM. We are going to take you into both of them during the same dive. Both caves have one entrance and one exit point. For those who won't be diving we have prepared a seabob and SUP (Stan Up Paddle) . Seabob is beginner friendly underwater scooter. With a seabob you can go up to the maximum depth of 40m with various speed. Of course you can stay on the surface or explore just a shallow water, which is our recommendation. After just 10 minutes of practice you are going to be able to do underwater loops, 180 & 360 turns.
  • For this trip we are going to engage 2 boats. The main one is the luxury vessel Jeanneau Prestige 36 Fly which we are going to use for passengers transfer and leisure time.
  • The second boat is the RIB Predator 750 which we are going to use as a diving support.

Below you can see the route this tour takes.


Boat route



  • Scuba diving sites: Poseidon cave, Twin caves , Shipwreck Patrol Boat
  • Snorkeling sites: Blue cave and Rt Veslo
  • Boat trip route: Sveti Stefan, St. Nikola Island, Blue Cave


  • For the scuba diving trip you need to be an Open Water Certified diver
  • Please bring sunscreen, towel, swimming suit
  • If you are a SCUBA diver, please bring your diving license (plastic or E-card)

If you are SCUBA diver please add an additional note about:

  • Your diving level
  • Number of completed dives
  • Your height , body weight and shoe size
  • Seasickness issues

What is included 

  • Boat transfer
  • Use of scuba and Snorkeling equipment
  • Unlimited use of seabob
  • Snorkeling training instruction's
  • 2 guided boat scuba dives
  • Beverage, fruit plate

What is not included 

  • Transfers to the meeting point (can be arranged upon request – please add additional note when booking or contact us via
  • Insurance

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