ZIP LINE TARA – 350mZip lining over Tara river


Đurđevića Tara Bridge




45 seconds flight time




12 €
per person



General info 

Tara River Canyon is 1333 meters deep, which makes it world's second deepest canyon.

Built, in the period from 1938 to 1940, The Djurdjevica Tara Bridge, was the largest reinforced concrete road bridge in Europe at the time. The bridge was originally built to connect the remote parts of the Durmitor region with the rest of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The task was to connect almost 400 metres of two coasts of the river Tara. The 365 m bridge was commissioned in 1940. It was then one of the world's largest reinforced concrete road bridges in the world.

According to the „Bright side“ portal, it was named among the 20 most beautiful bridges in the world.

You'll feel completely free as you defy gravity and zoom over the trees, the wind blowing in your hair and your feet dangling below!


12 € per person


Overview of the tour 

  • The zip line is located beside the Đurđevića Tara bridge. The flight  takes you over the canyon, dense forestry and the gushing Tara River – adding a dose of adrenaline to sight-seeing from a unique perspective. You will have the opportunity to meet the deepest canyon in Europe from a completely new angle!
  • Fly like a bird over the Tara River and its vast green canyon during this thrilling zip lining activity!
  • The zip-line can be combined with other activities such as rafting on Tara river.
  • Safety is our priority and we are proud to provide safety equipment from leading manufacturers to ensure an impeccable zip line experience.

Cable length: 350m
Speed: Max. 50km/h


  • Outstanding natural beauty
  • Europe’s deepest canyon
  • The spectacular architecture of the Đurđevića Tara Bridge
  • Experienced guides
  • Unforgettable adrenaline ride


  • The meeting point can be reached by public buses from Žabljak to the Đurđevića Tara Bridge

What is included 

  • 350m zip line tour
  • Experienced guides
  • Professional safety equipment

What is not included 

  • Transfers to the meeting point (can be arranged upon request – please add additional note when booking or contact us via
  • Insurance

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