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Back in 19th century, Lord Byron wrote “At the birth of our planet, the most beautiful encounter between the land and the sea must have happened at the coast of Montenegro. When the pearls of nature were sown, handfuls of them were cast on this soil.”

Montenegro still retains its natural charm and beauty, it has so many things to offer from beaches, history and sophistication in their perfect unity, all in one place. If you ask the locals about the best ways to explore and feel the stunning landscapes around you, they will tell you the best views are from the sea. Cruise Boka and discover world cultural heritage sites, dive into the unreal Blue Cave and find out why Boka bay is selected as one of the 25 most beautiful bays in the world. But don’t think that Boka bay is the only area worth cruising, you will be surprised to find out that Budva riviera has some breathtaking islands along its coast. Furthermore, cruising across Skadar and Piva lake will make you feel you are in a different world!

To make your decision easier, we picked the five best boat tours for you to try while traveling through Montenegro!


Boka bay

View over Boka bay

A panoramic tour of Europe’s southernmost fjord by boat is probably something you already have on your bucket list. Indeed, this is something you should not miss out as Boka Bay is listed as one of the world’s 25 most beautiful bays in the world, sound promising! This tour offers a comfortable, fun speed boat ride from Kotor to Perast, a visit to the picturesque island Lady of the Rocks and continues to the Blue Cave- the largest of many sea caves on Luštica Peninsula. It’s called the Blue Cave because of the way the light hits the sandy bottom and reflects up through the water which makes the whole cave look blue. Swimming in this cave is a unique experience! On this tour you get the chance to see Mamula island used as a notorious prison during the First and Second World War, now converted into a 5-Star resort. You will love exploring the former military submarine tunnels – used for hiding and repairing submarines.

There are various options for taking this tour – you can choose to visit the Kotor harbour and get a ticket for a group ride. Beware that in this case you will share the boat with other people, usually up to 8 per boat and will have to choose a specific schedule that is available. The other option is to book a private tour so you can have the boat for yourself and enjoy privacy with your friends or family. The experienced skippers will tell you about the places you visit, adjust the tour to your desires and wait for you at every stop while you visit the monuments or take a swimming break. Such a private tour lasts 3-4 hours and costs from 235€ per boat for up to 4 people, 300€ if there are 5-8 people on boat. If you divide the price per person and consider having drinks, a professional skipper and the whole boat for yourself – you will find the value for money being more than suitable. Check out the tour on our website.


Island Katic

Island St. Nedelja with its fairy-tale church on a cliff

Katic and St. Nedelja (Holy Sunday) islands are amazing rocky islands in the bay of Petrovac, which are located very close to each other. They are located near the tourist town of Petrovac, only one kilometer from the coastline. Holy Sunday Island is for sure one of the most interesting islands you will ever see, looking unreal with its little church on top of the cliff. According to a legend, the church was built by sailors from Boka who served on the Austro-Hungarian ship Zenta, sunk in the First World War. “Zenta” was sunk by Allied ships a few kilometers from the coast, leaving sailors in the sea. Nevertheless, the Pashtrovics hurried and saved as many sailors as possible with their boats, so they built the Church of the Holy Sunday as a sign of gratitude.

This boat tour will take you to the famous island St. Stefan, Montenegrin only Nature Park Island Katič and Island St. Nedelja and lasts around 4 hours. Furthermore, you can use SUP paddle boards and Seabob underwater skutes for free. Check out the prices here.


Birdwatching Skadar lake

Bird watching at Europe’s largest bird reserve

Skadar Lake is one of the five national parks of Montenegro. With an area of 400 square kilometers, this lake, which is the largest in the Balkans, connects five Montenegrin municipalities, but also two countries, Montenegro and Albania. Skadar Lake is Europe’s largest reserve of rare birds and fish that live only in this lake. Thanks to the preserved ecosystem, Skadar Lake is a “bird’s paradise” for 280 species of birds. The symbol of Skadar Lake, the curly pelican (called panac by the locals), is a phenomenon in this part of Europe. There are 48 species of fish living in the lake, of which the most numerous and most important are: bleak, carp, crucian carp, mussel, brook trout, chub, eel, brook trout, mullet, grasshopper.

A birdwatching boat tour is attractive not only for those who study the flora and fauna, but also for all lovers of wildlife and untouched nature. It is a pleasure to see a place where nature has managed to remain preserved and where tourism has not yet disturbed the natural habitat of these animals. This boat trip also includes a visit to the picturesque Dodoši village where you can enjoy refreshments, lunch or take a swim. Want to know more about this tour? Visit this link.


Karuc, Skadar lake

Karuč fishing village

Karuč is a small fishing village located on the shores of Skadar Lake from where fishermen used to go fishing as the Karučko oko (Karuč’ Eye), known for the abundance of bleak. A very popular summertime dining spot, Karuč is the perfect option for authentic cuisine lovers with spectacular views, a place worth visiting. In Karuč there is a restaurant on the shore of the lake with fish specialties. Petar II Petrović Njegoš, Montenegro’s greatest ruler and poet, even built his winter home there, to enjoy the natural beauty and mild winter climate of this place. The best time to visit the village is from May to October.

A boat tour from Virpazar to Karuč takes about 5 hours and takes you through the stunning lotus flower channels. The boats can accommodate up to 15 people and so the prices depend on the number of people. Visit the tour page on our website.


Piva lake

Piva lake

Piva Lake is the largest artificial lake in Montenegro, the largest reservoir of drinking water and the second largest of all lakes in Montenegro. It was created with the construction of a hydroelectric power plant in 1975. The dam is 220 m high, among the highest in Europe.

Boat tours on Piva lake are less present in travel articles but this region is actually a very popular destination for locals. In the recent years this whole area is becoming more popular by tourists who are discovering the untouched nature, lakes, mountains with great hiking trails, delicious local dishes and friendly locals. Cruising on the lake Piva gives you the opportunity to explore the submerged canyon of the Piva river, take a swim in the clear water, visit the Oteša cave carved like a hall and have lunch in one of the restaurants on the shore. You can check the tour details and prices on this link.

You will find a bunch of different boat tours through Montenegro, group or private tours with various boat types depending if you like speedy tours or relaxing cruises. Make sure you bring proper head protection, swimwear, sunscreen and a mask if you like snorkeling.

Didn’t find a proper boat tour for you? Visit Balkan Adventure for many other boat tours or ask for a tailor made cruise made just for you.

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