Five most beautiful Islands to visit in Boka Bay

Montenegrin coast sure has many beautiful, hidden, nature preserved gems to show off with. Some of the most astonishing destinations are definitely the small islands in the middle of the sea. These islands are must-see when visiting Montenegro, all of which have a historical background or interesting legends connected to it. St. George’s Island St […]

Mount Lukavica – Montenegro’s hidden gem

Sliced by streams, adorned with emerald green lakes and peppered with hilly peaks, Mount Lukavica is situated between Nikšić and Kolašin. It is the most beautiful during spring with meadows carpeted with wild flowers, from dandelions and violets, to daffodils daisies and wild peonies. The Lukavica valley is mesmerizing during sunset when the sun rays […]

Ulcinj Salina – nature and biodiversity at its finest


Ulcinj Saltern is without a doubt an important natural reserve on the Montenegrin coast rich in biodiversity and represents a unique spot for birdwatching in Montenegro. The Bajo Sekulić Saltern is a former salt production site that has become a secure and cozy habitat for over 250 bird species. This was the only salt marsh in Montenegro […]

Kapetanovo Lake – where the fairies lie


One of the chief highlights of the Lukavica plateau, Kapetanovo Lake is found at impressive heights of 1,678m and is the largest lake in the area at 37m deep. During summer it provides an idyllic spot for a hiking rest or mountain picnic. As a glacial lake it was formed due to glacial erosion and […]

Grmožur – a quaint little islet

Grmozur Island boat tour

Grmožur is an abandoned fortified islet, floating on the freshwater of Skadar Lake. Its location is of great historical significance and an important habitat for a number of bird and wildlife species. Built by the Turks in the XIX Century, it was once a strategic point of defense, along with its sister islands Lesendro, Vranjina […]

Skadar Lake – a natural and historical treasure

Radus fishing village

Skadar Lake is one of the most valuable natural treasures in Montenegro. Easily reachable from central or southern parts of the country, a visit to Skadar Lake offers a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with Montenegrin history and tradition, architecture and heritage, wild nature, hospitality and delicious national cuisine. Many abandoned villages testify to older […]

Canyon Nevidio – a true rush of adrenaline

Canyoning, Nevidio, Balkan Adventure

Explore Montenegro by experiencing one of its most challenging and memorable landscapes – Canyon Nevidio. The name Nevidio or Neviđbog (Never seen or Never Seen by God) is derived from the sheer might of what is thought to be the last-conquered canyon in Europe. Hidden between the slopes of Durmitor Mountain, Nevidio canyon was impenetrable until 1965, but today it is […]