Five most beautiful Islands to visit in Boka Bay

Montenegrin coast sure has many beautiful, hidden, nature preserved gems to show off with. Some of the most astonishing destinations are definitely the small islands in the middle of the sea. These islands are must-see when visiting Montenegro, all of which have a historical background or interesting legends connected to it.

St. George’s Island

St George’s is a Catholic church built on a natural island. It is called Island of the dead, because the island was cemetery until 1866, where famous people of Perast were buried. On the island there’s Benedictine monastery from the 10th century and a small church dedicated to St. George’s. By many legends this island used to be white for centuries until Benedictines came and planted cypresses, which are symbols for death and disappearance. The appearance of the old church hasn’t been preserved because most of was destroyed by attackers and 1677 earthquake. For several centuries the island has inspired many artists, poets and photographers. For example, painter Arnold Beklin did his famous painting „Island of the dead“.

Mamula Island

Island Mamula, also known as Lastavica, is located at the entrance of the bay between Luštica and Herceg Novi. The fortress was built in 1853 by Austro-Hungarian admiral Lazarus von Mamula to prevent the enemies to enter the bay. The fortress covers 90% of the territory of the tiny island in the Adriatic sea.  After 1942, the fort was turned into concentration camp during the period of Mussolini. Today you can visit Island Mamula by boat and admire its natural beauty. In 2016. the government of Montenegro approved a plan to make a luxurious beach resort out of former concentration camp, despite the objections of those who were once imprisoned on the island. Make sure to check out boat tours to Mamula island and see this fortress.

Our Lady of the Rocks (Gospa od Škrpjela)

Our Lady of the Rocks is a manmade island, one of two islands in the Boka bay, which are situated across of Perast. The legend behand this island makes it even more enchanting and brings visitors around the world every year. The island was created in XV century and according to the legend in July 22nd 1452, two brothers, both fisherman found an icon of Virgin Mary with Christ. The brothers took the icon home, but the next morning it was gone and back on the same sea-cliff they found it. The people of Perast took that as a Virgin’s wish to stay there forever and vowed to build a church dedicated to this icon of the Virgin, the patron saint of sailors and fisherman. People of Persast started bringing rocks and building artificial island and by 1484, almost 30 years after the icon was found there was an island with a chapel on it. To this day on July 22nd people bring rocks to this island and hold the event, traditionally called Fašinada. Our Private boat tour takes you on this magnificent manmade island.

Island of flowers

Monastery of the Holy Archangel Mihail is an Orthodox monastery located on the peninsula of Tivat Prevlaka (Island of Flowers), across from Tivat. This monastery was built on the remains of a Benedictine temple. From the 9th to the 14th century, it significantly marked the epoch of development of the city of Tivat. In 1452, when the Venetians came to Boka, they demolished the monastery, but its remains are still there today. Mosaics from the ancient period were found in the same place. In the 19th century, Countess Ekatarina Vlastelinović built the Church of the Holy Trinity on the site where the monastery once stood. On the island of flowers there is a magnificent beach about 1200 m long and stretches around the whole island. The beach itself consists of sand and pebbles and is surrounded by lush vegetation which makes it perfect for quiet getaways . The island is called ‘The island of flowers’ because it is considered the birthplace of all kinds of palm trees, various flowers and plants. The numerous and diverse flora and fauna, lush Mediterranean greenery, flowers will satisfy anyone who sets foot in this beautiful place.

Island Žanjic (Gospa od Mirišta)

Island Žanjic is a small island on the eastern side of the entrance to Kotor Bay, the entrance to the bay Mirište, on the peninsula Luštica. This area is only 700 sqare meters. On the island there’s fortified monastery complex with the church of the Presentation of the Virgin. The monastery was first mentioned in 1508 as St. Maria de Sagnic. The time of the construction is unknown but it can be concluded that it dates from 15th century. Unfortunately there are no boats that take tourists to this small island but you can swim to if from Mirište bay and still enjoy its beauty.

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