Kapetanovo Lake – where the fairies lie

One of the chief highlights of the Lukavica plateau, Kapetanovo Lake is found at impressive heights of 1,678m and is the largest lake in the area at 37m deep. During summer it provides an idyllic spot for a hiking rest or mountain picnic. As a glacial lake it was formed due to glacial erosion and the melting of ice – though in local mythology the lake is rumored to have been created by fairies.

The legend of Kapetanovo Lake

In Montenegro every lake is followed by a legend. During Ottoman rule the region was occupied by newcomers and their cattle forcing the indigenous populations to move deeper into the mountains. Back then the area of today’s lake was the property of Captain Musović who often spent his time there enjoying the beauty of spacious greenish pastures.

Higher in the rocks there was a secret spring that by the legend only fairies could access. Each night they would let the spring water flow down the mountain so they could bathe in its waters until dawn. Before sunrise they would hide away and close the spring source until one of the fairies forgot to turn off the spring, flooding Captain’s Musović property. From this point the fairies moved the spring to lower ground and let water feed the lake ever since.

Stunning surroundings

Kapetanovo Lake is situated in the Lukavica plateau under peak Štozac (2,141m) and is surrounded by the Moračke Mountain range. A spacious valley with grassy slopes carpeted in a variety of wild flowers and crowned by peaks offers some of the most incredible views of the Montenegrin mountain landscape – from Lovćen to Komovi.

Reaching Kapetanovo Lake

The lake can be accessed from Nikšić or Kolašin directions, though the Nikšic route is simpler following the road through Luka Bojovića and Bara Bojovića and accessible by car in just over 1 hour. From Kolašin, there are footpaths from the village of Velje Duboko though the route requires some hiking experience. The hike is approximately 8km long taking around 2.5 hours to reach Captain’s Lake.

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