Mount Lukavica – Montenegro’s hidden gem

Sliced by streams, adorned with emerald green lakes and peppered with hilly peaks, Mount Lukavica is situated between Niksic and Kolasin. It is the most beautiful during spring with meadows carpeted with wild flowers, from dandelions and violets, to daffodils, daisies and wild peonies. The Lukavica valley is mesmerising during sunset when the sun rays break through the mountains and refract a gorgeous spectrum of colours from the floral landscape.

Emerald green lakes – Kapetanovo and Manito

One thing that Montenegro famously offers tourists is a new outlook on lakes, observed from higher altitudes for a true ‘wow’ effect. In particular, there are two lakes in Lukavica that are a must-see for all tourists and a perfect resting spot for hikers.

The largest, Kapetanovo Lake (or the Captain’s Lake) is located under Mount Stozac at an altitude of 1,678m. At certain points during the day, the sun’s intensity beams down on the water giving off a striking emerald green that meets bluish hue, making for the most dazzling mountain surprise.

A few households dotted around the lake make cosy improvised coffee spots for walkers and explorers with locals always happy to provide accommodation.

Another nearby wonder, lake Manito, sits proudly at an altitude of 1,773 m and is one of the boutique glacier lakes of Montenegro known also by the name of Brnjicko Lake. Its dark green color camouflages with the surrounding grasslands, glistening throughout the midday sun to reveal itself to on-lookers.

Hiking around Lukavica

Part of the Moracke planine mountain range, Mount Lukavica offers a range of easy to intermediate level hiking routes through a number of remarkable peaks – Mali Zurim (or Small Zurim) at 1, 962m and Veliki Zurim (or Big Zurim) at a staggering 2,036m high! Not to mention the Stozac peak that leads us to the stunning Kapetanovo and Manito lakes.

Hikers can visit both with or without professional guides, though we recommend a tailored trip with experienced guides to ensure you get the most out of your mountain adventure.

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