Skadar Lake – a natural and historical treasure

Skadar Lake is one of the most valuable natural treasures in Montenegro. Easily reachable from central or southern parts of the country, a visit to Skadar Lake offers a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with Montenegrin history and tradition, architecture and heritage, wild nature, hospitality and delicious national cuisine.

Many abandoned villages testify to older civilizations in the area. It is the largest freshwater lake in the Balkans and its beauty remains preserved and uncontaminated by modern ways of life. Most visitors choose to experience the lake in the summer months, when there are plenty of activities available to enjoy.

Local residents often organize boat tours, hiking activities, kayaking experiences, wine and rakija tasting in their boutique cellars and breweries – not to mention hearty lakeside dining. Cruise through the lily pads and lotus carpets; hike or cycle around the hilly landscape and expose yourself to the rich cultural and historical legacy of the lake; observe medieval monasteries, fortifications, fishing villages and historic towns – all painting a picture of Skadar Lake society of former times. Also check out some of our Skadar Lake boat tours.

A hotspot for bird watching, the area is one of the largest bird habitats in Europe, attracting thousands of visitors each year, who pilgrimage across to observe around 270 bird species, making Skadar Lake high on many bird lovers’ bucket list.

Fall in love with the lake’s landscapes, waters, and the hospitality of the locals, opening up their homes, restaurants and villages to tourists to share with them their traditional values and modest ways of life.

Check out our panoramic tour in Skadar Lake Region.

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