Skadar lake boat tour with local wine tastingExplore Skadar lake and best Montenegrin wines


Virpazar Montenegro


flexible -usually morning


approx. 7 hours


minimum 2 people


125 €
per person



General info 

Lake Skadar still remains off the beaten track for many visitors to Montenegro, but if you do visit it - you'll be richly rewarded.

Balkan Adventure takes you on a one-day tour through this magical region!

This one-day tour allows you to visit Virpazar, located in the Crmnica region, on the shore of Skadarsko lake. In just one day you'll get the opportunity to:

  • Experience breathtaking landscapes of National Park Skadar lake by boat
  • Learn about Europe's largest bird reserve
  • Explore the idyllic town Virpazar
  • Try Montenegrin cuisine and go wine tasting in Godinje village


Best of all - you can choose when and where to stop for a break or photo shoot!


125€ per person

Overview of the tour 

Part 1 - Boat ride across the biggest lake in Balkan

Our meeting point is Virpazar (a transfer to the meeting point can be arranged too). The trip heads to Skadar lake, the biggest lake on Balkan peninsula, where we take a boat ride to Kom Monastery. On the way to this XV century monastery we get the chance to explore the wild beauty of Skadar lake, see fishing villages, lotus flower channels and much more! Skadar Lake is famous for being the last remaining breeding ground of the endangered Dalmatian Pelican and Pygmy Cormorant. It is also a key resting place for birds migrating from northern Europe to Africa. The Kom Monastery, built between 1415. and 1427, has some of the oldest frescoes in Montenegro.

Skadar lake boat tour with local wine tasting

Part 2 - Uphill walk to Bešac Fortress

Enjoy lunch and free time to explore Virpazar. We take a walk to Bešac Fortress, built by Turks in 1478. Bešac Fortress is a cultural and historical site of exceptional importance and one of the most attractive lookouts on Skadar Lake. This is one of the oldest military fortifications preserved on the territory of today's Montenegro. This place was used as a prison by occupying Italians in Second World War, and has been restored in 2013.

Skadar lake boat tour with local wine tasting

Part 3 - Wine tasting in historical village Godinje

The final part of our tour takes place in the historical village Godinje, which is located on a hill overlooking the Skadar lake, only 5km from Virpazar. We will visit Garnet Winery where you can try local wines and try local cuisine. Tasting includes one glass of three types of wine, brandy and liquor with snacks – cheese, prosciutto, olives spread on homemade biscuit. Winery Garnet is located in the central part of this historical village, the first protected rural entity in Montenegro and is recognized by the World Tourism Organization.

Wine tours Montenegro


  • Bešac fortress
  • Kom Monastery
  • Flora and fauna of NP Skadar lake
  • Spectacular lake view
  • Historical village Godinje
  • Virpazar
  • Boat ride
  • Wine tasting


  • The tour should be booked at least 7 days in advance
  • Bring swimwear
  • In case of bad weather conditions, the tour may be delayed or canceled

What is included 

  • Lunch
  • Wine tasting
  • National park ticket
  • Boat ride tickets

What is not included 

  • Insurance
  • Transfer to Virpazar (can be arranged upon request - please add additional note while booking or contact us at )

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