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General info 


Day trip to Prokletije National Park with visits to Plav, Ali Paša's springs and Ropojana Valley.

Prokletije National Park is the youngest national park in Montenegro, founded in 2009. The area of Prokletije NP is 1660 ha and is located on the territory of the municipalities of Plav and Gusinje.On this tour we will take you to those that stand out in the very top for their uniqueness and beauty, namely Plav Lake, Ali Paša's springs and the picturesque Ropojana Valley.

Key words: Prokletije National Park, day tours to Prokletije, Ropojana valley, Plav, Lake Plav and Ali Pasha's springs

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83,00€ per person

Price for private tour 1-4 pax: 380,00€ 

Overview of the tour 

Part 1 - Budva-Podgorica-Plav

We meet in Budva at 7:30h in the morning and head on to Podgorica for anothe pick up. We have a two and a half hour drive to Plav. Upon arrival in Plav, we will have 2 hours to visit the largest glacial lake in Montenegro and at the same time one of the main attractions of this area - Lake Plav, which is a popular swimming spot in the summer. You will have free time to visit the ethno museum Kula (Tower) Redžepagića - the symbol of Plav. Redžepagića Tower is the oldest and most interesting residential and defense building in Plav. It was built in 1671 by Hasan-beg Redžepagić. The local ethnographic collection is now housed in the tower. 


Part 2 - Ali-Paša's springs

From Plav to Gusinje we need less then 30 minutes to our next stop - Ali Pasha's springs, the largest karst spring of its kind in our country. The springs were named after Ali-Paša Šabanagić, a famous historical figure from the XIX century. Throughout history, Ali Pasha's springs have played an important role in the life of the citizens of Gusinje. In the past, this place was an important resting place for caravans and merchants on the way from Dubrovnik to Istanbul. This is how people from the most diverse regions and cultures made deals and negotiated trades next to the springs. Also, it was at Ali Pasha's springs where disputes were settled and feuding brotherhoods were reconciled.


Part 3 - Ropojana valley

Welcome to the place where a huge number of mountaineers and nature lovers from all over the world comes every summer - Ropojana valley. We will drive for half an hour to the glacier valley, where once an important caravan road from Skadar to Peć passed. We will pass through Vusanje and visit the famous Skakavac waterfall and the beautiful, crystal clear lake Savino oko, named after the Serbian saint. Lunch time with a taste of local cuisine.


Part 4 - Back to Podgorica

18:00h Approximate departure to Podgorica and Budva via same route.



  • Plav and ethno museum Kula Redžepagića
  • Plav lake
  • Ali Paša's springs
  • Vusanje village
  • Ropojana valley
  • Prokletije National Park
  • Amazing natural landscapes
  • Skakavac (Grasshoper) waterfall
  • Savino oko (Sava's eye) lake


  • In case of bad weather, the tour can be delayed or refunded
  • Booking process: When booking you will receive an email with confirmation or options for other dates. The tour is only confirmed 5 days prior as you get an e-mail with confirmed departure as well as link for online payment (otherwise you will be notified if the departure is cancelled). After the payment is done, you will get your voucher for the tour
  • Cancelation policy: Payment is made only 5 days before the confirmed departure so booking is non-refundable
  • Please note by booking this tour you will join a group 
  • Contact us for a private tour

What is included 

  • Transportation in minivan with air conditioner
  • Licensed English-speaking tour guide
  • Entrance fee for Prokletije National Park
  • Lunch (traditional cuisine)

What is not included 

  • Entrance fee for the Ethno museum Kula (Tower) Redžepagića
  • Insurance (can be arranged additionally)
  • Transfer to the meeting point (can be arranged upon request - please contact us)

Photo Gallery 

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