Jeep safari tour – Bjelasica – “Exciting tour through the rainforest”


Kolasin centre




approx. 7 hours


max. 20 people


120 €
per vehicle



General info 

Bjelasica is a magical mountain in Montenegro. It is located in the heart of Montenegro, i.e. in the central-continental region. Bjelasica is special for its richness of forest, running waters and the fact that its highest mountain peaks are easily accessible and passed through.
Unlike other mountains in this region, the Bjelasica Mountain is of volcanic origin.
Hence green summer and white winters. While the waters on Durmitor and Lovcen are declining ,everything remains on the surface in this place.
The waters flow into numerous streams and rivers including Biogradska Rijeka as the most important and beautiful one and continue to flow into Biogradsko Lake - the pearl of this mountain.
Lake Biograd is surrounded by a long-existing rainforest that is reflected in the lake, with wooden boats on it making the whole environment look magical.

The highest peak of Bjelasica is Crna glava (Black head), 2,139 meters high.

A special charm to this area is given by the rainforest, which covers 1,600 hectares - it is one of the last three rainforests in Europe. In this area, everything is in the hands of nature, without the influence of man, which makes this place even more attractive.


120 € per vehicle ( 3 persons recommended - maximum 4)
lunch per request 10€

Overview of the tour 

Part 1

The starting point of our "Let's go to the mountains" jeep safari tour is the centre of Kolasin. We continue off-road from the centre to the mountain huts (katuns) and the mountain lodge Vranjak, where the first break is planned. There you can enjoy the view and take wonderful photos.

Jeep safari tour – Bjelasica – “Exciting tour through the rainforest”

Part 2

After a short break, the tour continues at the foot of the most impressive highest peaks of Bjelasica: Zekova glava, Crna glava and Troglava, all the way to the place with magnificent views over two glacial lakes (out of seven in total): Ursulovacko and Pesica lakes (the second largest lake on the Bjelasica mountain). These two lakes are also known as "The Mountain Eyes".

Jeep safari tour – Bjelasica – “Exciting tour through the rainforest”

Part 3

From here we continue to descend through the Biogradska rainforest and arrive to Biogradsko Lake, where you will be able to enjoy a lunch with traditional dishes from the local cuisine. After the lunch we take a tour around the lake and rest in the shades of centuries-old rainforest trees, with additional possibility of boating on the lake. After the break we return to Kolašin, while passing by the river Tara.

Jeep safari tour – Bjelasica – “Exciting tour through the rainforest”


  • Exploring hidden trails of Bjelasica mountain and its surrounding
  • Magnificent mountain landscapes
  • Beautiful views
  • Amazing nature
  • Kachamak
  • Villages and local products


  • In case of bad weather conditions, the tour can be delayed or canceled. In the case of cancellation, you will be offered another date with proper weather conditions.
  • Transportation to the meeting point in Kolasin (can be provided on demand – please contact us at
  • Lunch (optional-it can be arranged per request, 10 € per person)
  • Tour suitable for all ages

What is included 

  • Professional english-speaking guide
  • Jeeps

What is not included 

Photo Gallery 

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