PANORAMIC DAY TOUR FROM PODGORICAPrivate tour: Circuit around Korita






5 hours


2 persons


185 €
per group



General info 

"Circuit around Korita" is the first fully marked panoramic route in Montenegro and the most popular full day tour from Budva and Podgorica.

The Circuit around Korita panorama route starts in the capital Podgorica and leads on 65 kilometers into the mountains of Kuči and to the edge of the Cijevna Canyon. The Circuit around Korita leads through a region influenced by different cultures and religions. Enjoy the rocky pastures or magnificent views of the Cijevna canyon. The panoramic road Circle around Korita takes you up to 1,400 m above sea level and includes a short 30 minute hike to the magnificent viewpoint Grlo Sokolovo, so we recommend sturdy shoes.

This is a private tour. Price depends on the number of people. Individual and group tours available.

Overview of the tour 

Part 1 - Monument to Novak Milošev

We start our tour from Podgorica towards Kučka Korita with a first stop to visit the monument to Novak Milošev erected in 2006. Novak Milošev Vujadinović is remembered as one of the greatest Montenegrin heroes in one of the most famous battles in the liberation war - the Battle of Fundina 1876-1878. He was even awarded by the Russian Emperor for his bravery and got a diamond-encrusted sabre in Saint Petersburg.

Circuit around Korita Tour Montengro

Part 2 - Medun fortress

The tour continues to the mountainous area of Kuči. Before reaching Kučka korita we will take a short hike to the stunning Medun fort with spectacular views. The old town of Medun (Meteon), a higher fortification, located at the 13th kilometer northeast of Podgorica, originates from the ancient period. It was built first as a fortress, later as a city, between the 4th and 3rd centuries BC. In front of the church of St. Archdeacon Stefan, built on the foundations of an older one, is the grave of Duke Marko Miljanov, a Montenegrin hero and writer. Below the fortification is the house of Marko Miljanov, today a very interesting museum. He was buried in the acropolis, in front of the small church.

Circuit around Korita Tour Montengro

Part 3 - Kučka korita

The area of Kučka korita covers about 300 square kilometers, north-east of Podgorica, extending along the border with Albania. This area forms a geographical unit, bordered by the high mountains and deep river valleys. It is considered a unique place in the Balkans due to the fact that all three religious - Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim people, live here together in peace.

Circuit around Korita Tour Montengro

Part 4 - Grlo Sokolovo lookout point

The most attractive moment of this route is the hike to Grlo Sokolovo viewpoint which will leave you speechless for sure! Grlo Sokolovo is the absolute highlight of this tour that leads to the cliffs of Cijevna river canyon and the Prokletije mountains. The hike is very easy  and takes less than half an hour. This road was earlier used by military patrols but now you can enjoy a spectacular view of the canyon that is over 1000 m deep.

Circuit around Korita Tour Montengro

Part 5 - More sightseeing points

On our way back to Podgorica we will make few more stops for photo shooting. The main attraction of the village of Delaj is certainly the impressive 10-meter high cross built by the locals in 2010, under which there is a statue of Jesus Christ. When the weather is sunny, you can see Lake Skadar, Rumija and some Albanian mountains from here. This lookout point offers stunning views of the Cijevna canyon. 

Circuit around Korita Tour Montengro


  • Monument of Novak Milošev
  • Medun Fort with amazing views
  • Kučka Korita village
  • Grlo sokolovo viewpoint
  • Viewpoint statue of Jesus Christ
  • Stunning views over Cijevna canyon


  • The price is stated for 2 people starting from Podgorica
  • The tour can be customized per request with other cities as starting points
  • In case of bad weather the tour can be delayed or refunded
  • Please contact us for a larger group

What is included 

  • Licensed English-speaking tour guide
  • Transportation
  • Hike to Medun fortress
  • Hike to Grlo Sokolovo 

What is not included 

  • Insurance 
  • Meals

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