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General info 

Team building is the process of turning a group of individual contributing employees into a cohesive team—a group of people organized to work together. Team building games are an awesome way to get your team working together better!

Take a look at the various games you can choose from and let us create a custom program that best fits your team. There is a wide range of games that can be played outdoors as well as indoors and can be adjusted to different age groups, number of participants, level of difficulty and specific desires. We promise your team will love it!


  • The price depends on the group size 
  • The program can be customized to fit your needs


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Other team building activities 

Overview of the tour 

Game 1 - Game of trust

Challenge your team to cross a particular route blindfolded (only the leader has untied eyes). Game of trust is a team building activity that helps people practice trusting each other and develop effective communication. One person must guide their blindfolded partners using verbal instructions around the obstacles.

Team Building Montenegro - Game of trust

Game 2 - Mine field

In this exciting game the goal is to take the treasure from the mine field.
The lightest team member is carried on the net above the minefield and he/she must take that treasure without touching the mines.

Team Building Montenegro

Game 3 - Land without women

On the streets of the desired location, the men from the team need to carry the women, from one point to another, making sure they do not touch the ground. Each woman, one at a time, must be transferred to the ending point.

Team building Montenegro

Game 4 - Rope pulling

This game pits two teams against each other in a test of strength. Two teams are pulling the rope on opposite sides, with the flag in the middle. The flag must be pulled over a particular line so the winner can be announced.

Team Building Montenegro

Game 5 - Caterpillar

Participants blow the balloons, place them between themselves and, without touching them with hands, try moving like a caterpillar. If the balloons fall  - the team is disqualified. The first team to get to the finish line without dropping any balloons wins.

Team Building Montenegro

Game 6 -Human trolley

The teams are divided into three groups, one with the role of blowing balloons, second being the drivers of trolleys and third being the "trolleys".
Every 4 minutes the roles are changing. The aim of the game is to transfer as many balloons as possible from point A to point B (10 m). The sum of the balloons transferred is the number of points gained.

Team Building Montenegro

Game 7 - Formula 1

After the division of participants into teams, with the animators guidance, the teams have a task to assemble the formula-cars (each formula has 13 screws, wheel, boards and bars). The teams get the material to decorate their formulas (in the form of a spaceship, a shark, a dizzy hero, a house, a plane etc.). One of the team members is steering the formula, while two other members are pushing it, and the rest cheer. The two teams race to be qualified for the next round, and so on to the finals.

Team Building Montenegro


  • Fun and engaging games for all ages and activity levels
  • Completely customizable programs
  • Can be organized indoors and outdoors
  • Games created to boost productivity and team work


  • Please let us know about the number of participants, desired level of difficulty, location, duration and other important details
  • Multiple games can be combined according to the number of participants and other factors: hula-hoop, lay an egg, collect the coins, puzzles, make an igloo, shoot the pirate and many more
  • Transfer, lunch and other additional services can be organized per request, please leave a note

What is included 

  • All equipment needed to conduct the programs
  • English-speaking instructors
  • Refreshments

What is not included 

  • Transfer to the location of the program (can be organized additionally)

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