Our purpose is to enrich your life with unforgettable travel experiences!

BALKAN ADVENTUREConnect with nature. Find the adventure. Collect experiences.

Our mission 

Our mission is to serve as a bridge between you, travelers, who are ready to seek out adventure and collect new experiences, and our hosts who are eager to provide you with the best thrills and amazement possible inside Montenegro!

Our core value 

Very often tourism is built on the detriment of nature. We think and do differently, always putting the effort in preserving nature and supporting local communities. Our core value is the belief that sustainable travel with authentic experiences is the best travel!

Company SummaryWe love to travel and we want to share our excitement with you!

Our story 

It started out as an idea from a couple of friends…

We saw that a big part of Montenegro’s natural wonders is being overlooked by tourists. Small communities of these regions were not getting enough opportunities to present their piece of it, so we decided to help them.

As travel lovers ourselves, we were thinking: “Hey! We love to travel around the World, checking alluring architecture and getting to know the amazing history of different cultures. But are why people coming to the Balkan region?“

And history was made! We stuck with an idea of providing something unique and authentic that Montenegro has to offer. If you want to spend time partying in clubs, we are sorry – but Balkan Adventure isn’t your cup of tea.

But if you are adventurer willing to collect new experiences or you just want to explore nature, then you are at the right place! Balkan Adventure team provides local and authentic experiences that will exceed your expectations and leave you in awe!

What drives us 

We love the Balkan area and it’s nature!

Our goal is to help and encourage small local communities to become hosts, providing you an alternative way to experience everything Montenegro have to offer.

Doing this, we are giving you the opportunity to dive deeper into the culture, customs, activities, and a way of life of these people who’ve lived in these places for generations.

The entire area is blessed with incredible and intact nature. Therefore, we are strong advocates of ecologically responsible travels. We wish to get closer to and preserve nature for years to come!

Always seeking out the best of partners, for each individual activity, our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best possible experience with a suitable service provider who will meet ours and your standards and expectations.

Our job 

We love what we do and it gives results!

A very first task of Balkan Adventure team is to bring you the most amazing experiences, regardless you are looking for crazy adrenaline or want to sync with beautiful nature and take your relaxation time. Rafting, sleeping in ethno village, zip line, horse riding, canyoning, paragliding… You name it – we have it!

Our mission is to provide you the best experience with a suitable licensed service provider who will meet ours and your standards and expectation.

And the final task is to bring you personal tailor-made experience, creating custom travel itineraries specifically for you! Let us know the dates of your stay and experiences you would like to explore via email: info@balkanadventure.me and we will create a completely customized tour for you and your friends & family!

Why Balkan Adventure?If you didn’t decide yet, here are some good reasons:


For all you hedonists, Balkan area is abundant with beautiful nature and good food. We can provide you the ultimate gastronomy and relaxation experiences!

Price and value 

Book with Balkan Adventure for the best value for money guarantee! With us, you will get a dedicated support team, always focused on meeting your expectations.

Work with Locals 

We are helping and inspiring local communities to be hosts in order to get you the most authentic experience – from adventure to gastronomy!


We are licensed by the MNE Ministry of Tourism and Sustainable Development (License no. 547) and we are working only with registered service providers!

Tailor-made tours 

Pick the activities you would like to book and send us your travel dates. We will create a special tailor made offer for you and your family and friends!

Sustainable Travel 

Our sustainable approach minimizes the negative impacts of tourism. On our tours we take care of nature, giving all efforts to keep it intact and not damage it!

Small groups 

A big part of the experience is our small groups. It’s these people who make our tours exciting. On our tours, there are no strangers, just friends you haven’t met yet!

Authentic experiences 

We embrace authentic accommodation and local transportation to bring you face to face with the Balkan’s most fascinating customs, culture, and awe-inspiring wildlife!

Our PartnersPeople and organizations who always support and endorse our good work

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