WINERY GARNET – GODINJEVirpazar, Skadar Lake National Park


Godinje, Montenegro




approx. 2 hours


maximum 25 people


30 €
per person



General info 

One of the world’s oldest viticulture regions, wine production in Montenegro can be traced back to the late 12th Century. Beginning with the Ancient Greeks, wine cultivation continued throughout the Roman Empire into the Middle Ages.

Winery Garnet in Godinje, is located on a hill overlooking the National Park Skadar Lake, only 5km from Virpazar. The history of this small village is something that could be talked and written about a lot. The name origin of Godinje indicates the pleasant feeling that everybody experience after even a short time spending there.

Miško Leković, the owner, uses his knowledge and skills to improve the enology in the region, and makes his village an attractive tourist destination. He is proud of the fact that his family has been into production of quality wines and alcoholic beverages for 14 generations.

The stone house where wine is produced and stored is at least five centuries old, surrounded with similar style and old houses, forming the unique settlement - The Historical Hamlet of Godinje.




30€ per person



Overview of the tour 

Winery Garnet is located in the central part of this historical village, right next to the former summer house of Balšić family, who ruled this country from 1362. to 1421. This part of the village is the first protected rural entity in Montenegro and is recognized by the World Tourism Organization.

  • Meeting in Godinje - Family Leković, the owners of this winery, will give you the warmest welcome possible.
  • In Garnet Winery you can try local wines and local cuisine. Tasting includes one glass of three types of wine, brandy and liquor with snacks – cheese, prosciutto, olives spread on homemade biscuit.
  • The place is characteristic in so many ways. There is a lot to see and to hear from locals about the rich history and culture, as well as centuries old wine making tradition. Most of the houses in the historical part of the village are deserted, but there are several locals, including the owner of the Garnet winery who are doing their best to revive the village.
  • As you descend from the village towards the main road, you will notice a small island in Skadar Lake not far from the shore below the new settlement. It's the island Grmožur, today a bird reserve,  it used to be a famous prison, often called the Montenegrin Alcatraz.
  • One of the best parts of this tour might be the history behind this small village which our hosts, the Leković family, will tell you all about.
  • Back to meeting point.


  • Sightseeing NP Skadar lake
  • Wine tasting
  • Historical background of Montenegro
  • Local food
  • Unique Godinje village


  • Best time to visit during spring and summer is between 12 and 19h

What is included 

  • Wine tasting
  • Local cuisine

What is not included 

  • Insurance
  • Transfers to the meeting point (can be arranged upon request – please add additional note when booking or contact us via

Photo Gallery 

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